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Hi there,

I'm Yana Yaneva, a social and behavioural psychologist and Chair elect of the British Psychological Society – Scottish branch.

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My Story

🌟 Welcome to the journey of self-actualisation and transformation guided by a psychology specialist - that's me! Every twist, turn, high, and low has sculpted a unique story, driven by family support and encounters with remarkable souls.

🌍 Once a wanderer under the vast sky, I uncovered a profound truth: the destination lies within. Tuning into inner wisdom, body signals, and quirky cravings led to a treasure trove of self-discovery.

🌌 Firmly believing in the intricate design of our existence, I advocate for awakening, seizing control, and shaping our narrative with purpose.

📚 Alongside being an Amazon best-selling author, my expertise extends to empowering women, championing mental health, and distilling ancient wisdom into modern solutions through speaking engagements.

🧠 As a seasoned psychologist and coach, I specialize in unlocking potential, overcoming obstacles, and finding purpose. Founder of the pioneering Psychology Subscription Box for women, I'm dedicated to guiding individuals towards lasting change and transformation.

🤍 Let's embark on a journey together to seize control of your thoughts, understand yourself deeply, and cultivate resilience. My methods, grounded in science, pave the way for unlocking your full potential.

✅ Whether it's navigating psychology or finding your ideal career path, let's uncover your strengths and unleash your potential.

🔑 Ready to unlock mysteries within? Join me on this transformative journey, where possibilities are endless with the guidance of a psychology specialist.

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