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Hi there,

I'm Yana Yaneva, an organisational, social and behavioural psychologist and chair elect of the British Psychological Society – Scottish branch.

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My Story

Just like you, my journey to-date has been blessed with all the ups and downs.

Life's been quite the adventure for me, full of twists and turns, highs and lows. Through it all, my family's been my rock, and I've had the privilege of meeting some incredible people who've left lasting impressions on my journey. I used to be a bit of a wanderer, always on the move, trying to find my place in the world under the vast open sky. But recently, I stumbled upon a profound realization - that the place I'd been searching for all along was within me.

I started paying attention to my inner voice, my body's signals, and those quirky cravings we all get from time to time.

I firmly believe there's a greater design to our existence, whether you call it God, the Universe, or something else entirely. It's hard for me to imagine that this higher power would create us as incomplete beings. No, our existence is a masterpiece, intricately crafted by a profound intelligence. But we've got to wake up, take charge, and own every thought, action, and word we put out into the world.

But there's more to my story than just this journey of self-discovery. Despite the odds and obstacles I've faced, I've managed to find my way back to my true self and achieve the remarkable status of an Amazon best-selling author.

🎙️ In addition to my writing, I've been fortunate to travel and speak on a variety of topics. I dive into the feelings of impostor syndrome, how women can cope with stress and overthinking, and the art of navigating life's chaotic moments. Empowering women, advocating for mental health, and emphasizing the importance of cultivating healthy habits are some of my passions. I take ancient wisdom from the world of psychology and make it practical and relevant for our modern lives. And I find immense joy in guiding the next generation and exploring how human behavior has evolved over time.

🧠 I'm not just a speaker and author; I'm also a professional psychologist and a coach. I've even founded the first-ever Psychology Subscription Box designed specifically for women, both individually and in the workplace. With over a decade of experience in psychology, my mission is to assist individuals in overcoming their obstacles, achieving their dreams, and discovering a profound sense of purpose, whether they're grappling with stress, anxiety, or feeling a bit lost.

🤍 So, how can I help you?

My coaching methods, rooted in science and complemented by Pandora's Soul subscription box, are all about helping you take control of your thoughts and emotions, better understand yourself, and build empathy and resilience. But, most importantly, they're about helping you uncover the hidden aspects of your own psyche, enabling you to transform your weaknesses into strengths and reach your full potential as a human being.

✅ My goal is to work with you to create a personalized action plan for lasting change. We're all unique, and I firmly believe that science should be our primary tool for personal growth.

Beyond my work in psychology, I also enjoy assisting individuals in identifying the career path that best suits them based on their behaviors and skills.

So, as our paths cross, let's embark together on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. There are mysteries waiting to be unlocked within you, and your potential knows no bounds

And before we meet, let's get to know each other better - meet my family and friends!

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