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She thought she she did – the hidden power of the female brain!

Short story, dedicated to the Unstoppable woman, who lives inside everyone of us!

“I knew her for 30 some years, I knew her dreams, her thoughts, her fears and her emotions.

She was born in a small country, located in Eastern Europe. Had a good, healthy family...actually, if you

ask her, she will say she had the best family anyone can dream of.

She always had a “soft spot” for the Unknown, the purpose of Life and the secret of the Universe. When

she grew up, she went to study Psychology with the hope of understanding what is the meaning of

everything, every breath, every thought, every emotion and every new day.

She wanted to change the world and make it a better place.

But then, Life happened and she moved as further away from her dream as possible. She had to find a job,

start being independent and responsible and literally grow up. The routine of every day life got into her.

The society's expectations became heavier and heavier and she forgot how to dream. She lost her drive for

inspiration and change. She moved around a lot and went to live in another country in the search of


Was she happy, or was she simply surviving one day after another? I will leave that for you to decide.

One day, she was doing the usual scrolling down on social media and she stumbled across a video of a

man who changed his life by simply changing his mind and the way he thinks.

And that was it - the moment she understoon that the happiness is not out there, it is inside her. She finally

realised that she is her only rescue and she needs to stop blaming and judging and complaining and

making excuses. Instead she needs to act and believe and dream and feel.

She took all of her knowledge, research and life experience and she did it. She started her very own

business with the single purpose of changing the world by changing the Human first.

She created – a toolkit for inner self-discovery. You see, she found out that if you

change the way you think, you can change the direction of your life.

You may ask "Well does it work?". She did it - she changed the way she was thinking in order to change

her life...and she never looked back.

Now, she's determined to teach people how to stop the negative self-talk and start loving themselves.

There is so much power in Love - in can make you fly, it can heal you, it can turn your world upside-


The secret is behind understanding and accepting that how we think, how we feel and the actions we take

are the only factor creating our 3D world.

Or, if I have to quote her “Believing in yourself, means believing in the future and letting go of the past.

And that means freedom, the sweet elevated emotion of freeing yourself from yourself”

Well....that woman is me, nice to meet you! Well, not on the picture...although I felt exactly like this when

I finally let go of all the fear, guilt, anger, blame and shame.

I freed myself from myself and if I did it, you can too.

To everyone out there,who is reading this, I would like to say one thing – never stop dreaming and never

stop trying. Overcome yourself every time you want to quit and celebrate yourself every time you win.

Because that's the purpose of life – knowing your own power is infinite and your own limits are the ones

in your head.

Today, I want to take a moment and celebrate you all for who you are and how far you have come :)

And here are a few tips from my experience, that changed my life :

1. “Our thoughts, actions and words can have a profound effect on ourselves and others. We have the

power to change lives in both positive and negative ways - always be consciously aware of what you

think and what you say"

2. “Never stop learning - when you think you know something, life will always turn around and slap you

in the face...because no one is bigger than knowledge"

3. “Surround yourself with people who value you and who are aligned to your values, people who have

the same high energy as you do, people who vibrates on the same frequency as you - this is when magic

starts to happen"

4. “Be brave and get out of your comfort zone. Setting up my business wasn't easy. Being brave and

trying new things, in my experience, always creates a resilient mindset."

5. “You can live in faith or live in fear. Both aren’t real...or are they? Which one am I going to choose? If

you choose fear, you become a victim. If you choose faith, you become unstoppable.

So, let me ask you ...

• When was the last time you gave someone your time? How do you help others?

• What are you learning now? Are you making time to develop yourself?

• Do you know what matters to you, your values? Have you got the right people around you?

• Are you living in your comfort zone or getting into your learning zone?

• Are you living in faith or fear? Which do you choose?

... and I leave you with your thoughts.

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