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Embark on a journey of growth with our Psychology
and Self-Care Subscription
and unlock the keys to the best version of yourself

Our hand-picked products are always different and unique, just like you
We will create a guideline to help you navigate the content of the Box!
We combine physical products as well as exercises to help you achieve total Zen!
Our beauty, relaxation and aromatherapy products will change your Life!
Journaling is one of the ways to slow down your brain waves and focus on the present!
We all love herbs!
Our special edition Tea will calm your mind, body and soul with just one sip

We create a whimsical realm where mind and body waltz in delightful harmony, promising a lifetime of fun for every age. Join us in our monthly box, where we infuse psychology with enchanting self-care, unveiling an extraordinary journey to well-being, health and wealth. Say goodbye to stress and embrace a joy-filled adventure in personal growth

What to expect in every Pandora's Soul Box!

Each item is chosen intentionally to help you cultivate greater self-awareness, resilience and joy, with a focus on practices that are proven to enhance emotional and mental growth worth up to £65.

You will find everything you need in our Box -  Mindfulness tools, Stress - relief aid, Personal development resources, Relaxation aids, Gratitude journal, Art and Aroma-therapy, Games, Puzzles, Sleep aids and so much more​!


Choose the best plan for YOU! 

Our special puzzles will help keep your brain always sharp!

Happiness Hub
3 months subscription

Are you a professional ninja or a family's best buddy, in constant pursuit of that elusive balance and unbridled happiness in your daily journey?


We pick our candles to be made from pure nature!

Empowerment Essentials
6 months subscription

Ready to boost your self-confidence and conquer the rollercoaster of life's challenges?

Our unique selection of products and exercises will change your life!
Best Seller

Mindful Mastery Membership
12 months subscription

Embarking on a quest of self-discovery and mental wellness, cherishing the wonders of mindfulness and personal growth?

We love to hear back from our happy clients!
Look what the spring has for me. Thanks to @pandorasoul_ps I got my Spring box full of goodness, positive vibes and amazing natural products.


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